KEEPING FURNITURE RETAILERS WELL CAPITALIZED Keeping liquidity in your business is critical. For more than two decades, SPCI has helped hundreds of companies overcome business challenges and raise cash in compressed time periods.

SPCI professionals bring the highest standards of integrity and experience to every project. All come from the home furnishings industry and are extensively trained to take on the specialized tasks that SPCI performs.

Employing a team approach, we analyze markets and create promotional plans to increase customer response. Our staff creates highly effective advertising campaigns and allocates advertising dollars to the most effective mediums. Our media buying experts negotiate the most favorable media rates and pass all savings onto the sale.

We work closely with store employees to ensure they enjoy success during the event.

Whenever possible, SPCI enhances sale promotions by augmenting existing merchandise to increase sales and profitability. We understand that maintaining a companyʼs integrity is critical, so our merchandising experts are outstanding at complementing a clientʼs existing inventory mix. Furthermore, our national buying power enables our merchandising specialists to take advantage of volume discounts, containerpurchasing and close-out opportunities. We offer legitimate sale pricing while maintaining high gross-profit margins for our clients.

Every SPCI solution is customized to meet specific business concerns and generate the highest cash return on your inventory and other assets while maintaining your companyʼs good image.