INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES. SUPERIOR RESULTS. For decades, the principals of SPCI have designed and supervised hundreds of store-level promotions. We have seen the common problems that home furnishing retailers face and have designed an innovative liquidation method that produces the highest recovery for your assets.

When you are burdened by slow-moving inventory, unproductive locations and outdated formats we provide immediate relief by offering store-level expertise in marketing, sales and logistics.

When you are uncertain of your marketing direction and techniques our proprietary advertising consultants provide expertise in planning, creation and production - both for ongoing businesses and for liquidation scenarios.

When you need to increase daily sales, we do so while protecting your reputation.

SPCI provides comprehensive assessments of your operations, manages your return on assets in a disciplined manner and provides the tactical support needed to maximize recovery values and find productive pathways to closure.

Our managers oversee all aspects of operations - from reporting and employee relations to pricing and advertising. Our unique methods, significant buying power and custom planning yield the greatest profits possible on promotional events.