There comes a time when every business must reevaluate the next move.

SPCI is a management consulting and liquidation firm providing viable alternatives to the standard business plan. You are in the life cycle of your business and we can help. Using proven methods and innovative strategies, our veteran team of consultants

Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way. Should your plan include a sale, you can expect professional guidance throughout the project as well as outstanding results. Personal commitment makes us unique. Steve ForseyYou will receive the highest levels of service, accountability and quality. We are an immediately available resource to be used during all phases of the business cycle—start-up, growth, consolidation and closure.

We have the experience and knowledge to support businesses in transition. Our areas of expertise include: liquidations, turnarounds, advertising, merchandising, organizational consulting, valuations and appraisals, asset management, debt restructuring, consulting during bankruptcy, inventory reduction and cash raising.

Our hundreds of consulting assignments and liquidations have given us a unique and valuable perspective on a variety of business problems. There are no canned solutions. We offer an innovative set of services—services with a proven track record.

If your business is at a crossroads, SPCI can help you forge a new path.