WE DONʼT JUST CLOSE STORES, WE KEEP THEM OPEN Shifting economic conditions, demographics and technologies have dramatically changed the way the Home Furnishings Industry does business. Recognizing the complex issues todayʼs companies face, SPCI has collected the brightest minds in operations, sales and business development to affect turnarounds on behalf of our clients.

With extensive industry insight, SPCI:

Helps its clients Improve Corporate Performance by identifying issues and opportunities, establishing goals and implementing go-forward plans. SPCI performs efficiencies analysis, advertising and marketing audits, merchandising, warehouse and delivery assessments.

SPCI consists of merchants with real world experience. Many of us have owned and operated our own stores. Additionally, national clients call on us to operate selected, and often troubled, stores on a temporary basis.

SPCIʼs vast network of partners provides all services needed to ensure successful ongoing operations – including advertising, human resources, and market research.

Helps business owners Establish and Re-build Credit and Improve Operations. SPCI creates custom workout plans, specific to the Home Furnishings Industry, to allow businesses to move forward.

SPCI is more than a consultancy. We actually roll up their sleeves and work at the store level to help Home Furnishings businesses streamline operations, sell unwanted goods, improve reporting and promotionsand operate at maximum efficiency.